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Everything you need to get started is open-source.

Flagbase Core

The core is the main service responsible for streaming feature flags to our SDKs via SSE (Server-Sent Events). It provides a REST API, used to manage key resources (i.e. workspaces, projects, environments, flags etc).

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Flagbase SDKs

Connect your app to Flagbase using one of our many SDKs. Flagbase has no concept server-only SDKs, since the core microservice can run alongside your backend apps. Hence alleviating security concerns around user-sensitive context data.

Flagbase UI

Use the UI to manage your Flagbase core instance. With the UI, you can manage workspaces, projects, flags, targeting rules etc. Toggle on and off feature flags with just a single click. Try our cloud, that was specifically designed for teams!

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Why Open Source?

In the feature-flagging space, there are only a few open-source solutions. Most providers have proprietiery backends. When an organisation decides to go with a proprietiery vendor, they are essentially lockedin and face hurdles when trying to migrate to another solution. This is why we created Flagbase. Our vision is democratize feature management. Feature flagging is an essential aspect that has implications on how features are delivered to customers, both in terms of continous delivery and user experimentation. We believe using an open source development model will help us build more innovative technologies. We believe that software should offer freedom and not be a determent to its users.

Some other reasons, why we went open-source:

  • Flexibility: We believe there is no ideal one-size-fits feature flagging solution. The best solution will be require changes to adapt to your organisation's requirements. With Flagbase, you can modify the core to suite your needs. Some examples include, integrating to your organisation's user targeting platform, instead of trusting a 3rd part with your user data.
  • Continuity: With proprietiery vendors, if they ever go out of business, you are screwed... With Flagbase, since it's maintained by the community, you will never be at risk. Flagbase was designed to be self-hosted.
  • Security: By its very nature, open source enables anyone to look for and fix security flaws. And since its peer-reviewed, it opens the software up to a large base of inspectors who can quickly detect issues.