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Feature Management

Flagbase is an open-source feature management platform. Deploy to production without fear. Accelerate experimentation in your organisation.

How it works

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1. Create your flags

Create your new flag in Flagbase. Make sure you keep note of the flag key, which will be used in the next step. Optionally set a date for when the flag expires, so you're reminded when to clean up your flag.

2. Wrap your features

Using one of our client/server SDKs in your application, wrap your feature code to only execute upon successfully evaluating your desired variation.

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3. Targeting users

Set up your flag's targeting configuration so users see feature variations intended for them. You can also choose to randomly assign users to different variations.

4. Release anytime

Ship your features without worrying. Don't worry, if something breaks you don't need to re-deploy. You can revert the change by remotely turning off the flag.

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Deliver Features with Ease

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Risk-free Deployments

Deploy code any time, even if a feature isn't ready. Just wrap your unfinished feature under a feature flag and switch it on it is ready to be released.

Targeted Releases

Release features to specific user segments. For example, you may want to enable paid features to only paying users. Just hide paid features under a feature flag, having them automatically enabled when users upgrade.

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Measure & Experiment

Experiment by rolling out features to specific user segments. Automatically conduct different experiments across your products by using our API. Maximize impact by measuring the impact of your feature releases.

Freedom from Lock-in

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Take control of your user data

Deploy Flagbase using your own infrastructure. Don't rely on a 3rd-party vendor and expose customer-data. You can use our Cloud UI to manage your self-hosted instance(s) of Flagbase.

Design inspired by other providers

Flagbase was inspired by other feature flag providers including LaunchDarkly, ConfigCat, etc. Flagbase relies on Server-Sent Events (SSE) to stream feature flags to our SDKs.

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