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About Us

Who we are & our values

Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize feature management. We are working on open-source tools to allow software organisations release features effectively. Every organisation is unique in the way they manage and release features. Large to medium size organisations often have complex processes to safely rollout new experiences. This often involves developers needing to switch between different monitoring tools to ensure their new features are operating as expected. This can be tedious, especially when every organisation has a unique change management workflow. At Flagbase, our goal is to build an single application which organisations can adapt to configure their own change management workflows.

Our Values

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First principles

If you mindlessly copy the currently accepted convention, you're likely to end up with a solution that already exists. When working on requirements using only a few axioms. Even though this approach is more high-traffic features, you should aim to address the functional time consuming, we believe that it will help us build better products in the long run.

Transparent Development

Transparent development isn't only related to the open-source nature of our products. We believe our entire development workflow should be transparent. This includes internal planning and documentation. Being an open organisation allows us to attract external contributers into to the organisation as they're already familiar with our processes.

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Document Obsessively

Distributed organisations with a poor documentation culture are bound to form information silos. A general heuristic we follow is that if it hasn't been documented, it probably doesn't exist. Writing down something once can prevent the need for that piece of information needing to be repeated again.

Measure and Improve

We aim to measure all our changes. It's important know the result of changes and the impact they have on relevant metrics. At Flagbase, we aim to incorporate some-form of scientific rigor when it comes to releasing changes.

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