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About Us

Who we are & our values

Our Mission

Our mission at Flagbase is to simplify feature management for software organizations. We aim to achieve this by developing open-source tools that allow for effective release of features. We understand that each organization has its unique approach to feature management, which can be complex and tedious. Therefore, our goal is to build a single application that organizations can adapt and configure to their feature management workflows.

Our Values

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First principles

Avoid mindlessly copying the currently accepted convention, as it often results in solutions that already exist. Instead, we suggest using only a few axioms when working on requirements, even though this approach may be more time-consuming. We believe that this approach will ultimately lead to better products, even for high-traffic features.

Transparent Development

We prioritize transparency throughout our entire development process, from internal planning to documentation. This commitment to transparency extends beyond the open-source nature of our products. We believe that our open organizational culture helps us attract external contributors who are already familiar with our processes.

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Document Obsessively

In distributed organizations, poor documentation culture often leads to the formation of information silos. At our company, we follow a simple rule: if it's not documented, it doesn't exist. By writing down information, we can prevent the need for repetition and avoid the creation of information silos.

Measure and Improve

Carefully evaluate all changes we make, ensuring that we fully understand their impact on relevant metrics. We believe it's essential to measure the results of any changes we implement and to incorporate scientific rigor in our decision-making process when releasing these changes.

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